Sanjay Vijeta

Founder and CEO

Our company is a collective of amazing people striving to build delightful products.

3genie Travels  is a Leading Travel Management Company In North India which present world class vacations for Best Domestic Tours packages in Entire India. With above Four years of skills in travel and tourism business it gives ideal travel connected services to get together the particular requirement of the guests. Choosing the right travel management company to handle your travel arrangements in India is vitally important. So, you do need a Tour Operator on the ground, who has first hand and deep knowledge of the nuances of travelling within the sub-continent. 3genie is a specialist travel management company, which will take the time to understand what you would like to see and do on your trip, and work with you towards creating a perfect itinerary and a perfect travel experience for you. We use, has been personally visited and inspected by a senior member of our team. Our Representatives in each city, have been carefully selected, and trained in a manner that they follow the same high service standards, that we do. The care does not stop even while you are travelling. When you arrive in tour, you are met by an professional representative, who goes over your itinerary with you, and also gives you 24 X 7 contact number that you can reach in the unlikely event of something going wrong.